Joy Lordi FilmHouse


10 MAY 2019

You know that feeling when you have a favourite song? When you wake up, you can’t wait to play it. Then you send it over to your bestie and listen to it on repeat, imagining them listening to it, hoping they love it as much as you do? 

That is what Abbi and Richie’s wedding was like for me. I was in absolute awe of the beauty and the attention to detail that went into every moment of their wedding day that I couldn’t wait to create an amazing wedding film for them that they would want to play over and over. The love that they had for each other burst through every ray of sunshine. We wanted to capture that and we wanted to share those moments so that they could remember them always.

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We met Abbi and Richie together for the first time on our initial meeting at a local coffee shop. (Who doesn’t love a good coffee, right?) Richie, as most grooms are, was nervous about being in a wedding video but as we got to know them his nerves turned into excitement. We talked about how we work hard to capture the meaning and story behind their love for each other and how they could one day show their wedding video to their future children and grandchildren.  


Their wedding day came around so quickly! Emotional is, without a doubt, one of  the best words to describe Abbi and Richie’s wedding day. In fact, we can’t really think of a time that the amazing couple wasn’t smiling or crying tears of joy. Misty-eyed tears started being shed while they struggled to talk about how they first met and their journey throughout their relationship. This soon accelerated into a weepy gift of flowers being sent to the beautiful bride to be, and culminated into delicate tears as they saw each other for the first time. Surprisingly, they held it together pretty well for the ceremony, but when the toasts started they lost it all over again. The night ended with the two of them dancing in the reception hall, full to love for each other.

We absolutely love  authentic and emotional weddings and would love to film yours!  Please get in touch!