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Many people along our videography journey have asked us how we started Joy Lordi FilmHouse. Well, here’s how.

Ever since I was a young I have always been fascinated with making home videos. Growing up in Cardiff my family got our first computer when I was around 13 and I immediately got to work playing around with Windows Movie Maker. Back then we didn’t have a camera or a smart phone, so I would often put photographs into montages and spice it up with some music! Videos made from GIFs that would flash and sparkle favourite quotes would be popular amongst my friends and I would have a queue of friends and people I didn’t even know that wanted a video made for them. I guess I always had a love for creating emotion from something and getting an emotional reaction from other people with my videos. Even then, it was important to me to make them authentic and personal to the person who requested it. I would talk to the person and find out what music they liked, what quotes they liked and create a video perfect for them. 

As I continued to grow, my passion for creating movies grew as well. I was always trying to learn new ways to make my videos different from other videos online. Some days I would spend hours trying to figure out how to get my chosen song into my videos because there were no MP3’s back then. I loved every minute of trying to figure something out. There were no YouTube tutorials, so it took a lot longer but I would always figure it out eventually. I wouldn’t give up because if the video wasn’t right it would eat away at me but once I had it, I now had a new skill. But it was just a hobby, it wasn’t ever something I could do for work. I mean, you can’t enjoy your job, right?

Straight out of high school I went on to do a degree in Sign Language interpreting and graduated as an Interpreter for the Deaf. I loved how my work allowed me to express my creative personality. My love for making videos wasn’t ever far from sight though, I spent my free time creating and translating popular music into Sign Language videos for YouTube. After 5 years, a few of my contracts came to an end at the same time and I decided that my journey as an interpreter was coming to an end. Agencies had started taking control of bookings and I wasn’t able to source my own work like I used to.

One day, driving down the M4 on my way to work, I was opening my mind to all the possibilities. What did I want to do with the rest of my life? Then an idea popped into my head, “What about Wedding Filmmaking?” It had never occurred to me before. I didn’t know a lot about the industry.  Over the years I had devoted all of my filmmaking time creating travel videos and home videos on my GoPro. I thought back to the wedding film and marryoke my sister had received when she had married. I knew I was capable of creating that, but I had no idea how much my passion for wedding videography was going to develop in the steps following that initial thought. When I arrived home I started to look up wedding films online and realised that they had developed massively over the last few years. If they are done right they are authentic, cinematic and captivating. I laughed and I cried and I had this overwhelming need to create something as incredible as this. I had a lot to learn, but this is what I was going to do and nobody was going to tell me otherwise. I felt alive again. I felt like I could work for hours and hours and not want to quit! I had found what I loved to do.

I was blessed to have been connected with a mentor from California and began working under one of the best filmmakers in the world.  I spent my life savings on the best cameras and camera gear on the market and I spent all of my free time practising and developing in every area to the finest of details. 

Following my dreams has lead me to meet some amazing people and introduced us into faith. We are now part of a new Church family that we love with all our hearts and who guide us through life as well as our family who all live within a mile from each other so that we can always spend time and grow together. We are truly happy doing something that we love and we hope that shows in our films. I believe we all have special gifts that we were blessed with. If we aren’t using them they are going to waste. If we use our gifts wisely we can grow and learn and live a better and healthier life while doing something we love. Live your passion. 

Written by Joyce eLordi 


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Joy Lordi

Joy Lordi

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